Tikkanen Architecture

APARTMENT Santa Cecilia (LK) – São Paulo/Brazil

Remodeling, interior and furniture design

We gave a young teacher’s apartment a personality of its own with our interventions, removing the walls of the guest bedroom and bathroom in order to enlarge the kitchen. In the master bedroom, we changed the position of the bathroom and created a closet space.

The bedroom and the living room were integrated and the balcony received the dining room table and a hot tub so the woman could relax after classes.

We converted the previous space; the bedroom, living room and balcony; into an integrated living area.

All of the items chosen were low-cost andm, even so, the apartment hasn’t lost its charm!

Project: Tikkanen Architecture
Photos: Carol Coelho

Construtor: Francisco das Chagas Alves Freitas
Provider: Brasmar Woodworking