Tikkanen Architecture

RESIDENCE Vila Mariana - São Paulo/Brazil

Remodeling, interior and furniture design

In this old building with mixed use as a psychiatric office and residence, we proposed a radical remodeling with several masonry interventions and changes of the rooms.

The different functions of the property, working and living, became clear and distinct.

Our goal in addition to all clients’ wishes was to bring sustainable solutions, such as large window openings and a periscopic solar lighting system for the entrance of natural light.

We completely reversed the layout of the residence. At the back of the property, the social area was positioned and opened to the setbacks and a pleasant garden was planted. We integrated the kitchen with the living room, and, at the request of the clients, installed a chess board-pattern floor. In the entrance which was integrated into the social hall, an office was located. In front of the building, we increased the indentation by creating a terrace for the main bedroom. An access from the back garden was added to the guest room.

We made all the rooms practical and functional with much personality, mixing new furniture and family heirlooms.

Project: Tikkanen Architecture
Photos: Carol Coelho

Providers: Hugs: By Kamy
Woodworks: Brasmar