Tikkanen Architecture

APARTMENT Itaim Bibi (PC) – Sao Paulo/Brazil

Remodeling, interior and furniture design

The renovation of this apartment for a couple with two children was a big project.

We placed a hand-washing-sink in an unused niche, thus extending the living room, and we replaced a hinged kitchen door with a large sliding one, changing the position of the door between the kitchen and the laundry area, providing a better use of the space. 

We gave the master suite a closet made from the idle space left over from the kitchen area.

After the renovation, one of their neighbors liked our job so much that he brought a potential buyer to see the renovated apartment so that he could see how nice it could be. 

Project: Tikkanen Architecture
Decorations: Ursula
Photos: Irit Tommasini

Provider: Brasmar Woodworking