Tikkanen Architecture

APARTMENT Higienopolis 5 (B) – São Paulo/Brazil

Interior and furniture design

The 1950s apartment in a traditional neighborhood had already been modernized by our partner, Anima House, we changed the positions of the doors in order to rearrange the layout of the apartment.

In the common space of the elevator area, we placed an enlarged photo of the streets of Paris, authored by the photographer Carol Coelho, giving a sense of depth to the area.

The master suite was inspired by the design of hotel suites per the client’s request.

The result was another streamlined apartment that escapes from the common place while still remaining stylish.

Project: Tikkanen Architecture
Remodeling project: Anima Casa
Photos: Carol Coelho

Hugs: Fio sobre Tela
Landscape project: La Vie
Woodworks; Brasmar