Tikkanen Architecture

Tikkanen Architecture


Architecture is the craft of projecting realistic spaces for the expansion of plans, dreams, and feelings of people in that which we build.
The harmonization of curves, volumes and lines of the environments, with the colors of imagination, composes the art of tracing paths so that everyone recognizes themselves in the places where they live, work, meet each other, rest. Live!
We adapt the architectural or interior design to the clients’ wishes and needs.
We fulfil these needs by reconciling the desired result with the budget, construction technology and even the capacity to execute the project with hired labor. We are always focused on harmony, functionality and sustainability.
When designing your project, we consider technical aspects that provide comfort: insulation and ventilation, space optimization, needs program sectorization, topography, surroundings and the materials to be used.
We believe that our role is to design projects linking those factors to the clients’ expectations and means.
Respecting these limits, which we prefer to face as challenges, we fulfill the future users’ desires with curves, volumes and lines capable of projecting themselves beyond the boundary of the conventional. Each project acquires its own character.
In design and environments planning, colors gain foreground, not as decorations or exotic elements, but as composition spaces for an aesthetic experience, as well as a functional one.?Flexibility is another keyword - spaces can be converted easily by repositioning furniture and objects within the environment.

The main goal in commercial projects and interior design is to harmonize scale with style and create an inspiring atmosphere for employees, customers and visitors.
The interpersonal relationship between the client and project gives us creative freedom, but also requires the ability to capture and project the company identity onto the new space.

Taina Tikkanen Taina Tikkanen

Taina Tikkanen

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“The look in the client’s eyes fascinates us, especially when they look at their projects done by our firm and see their dream realized.”

Taina Tikkanen

“We build dreams.”

Tikkanen Architecture

"For us the architecture begins with the ears, because before we propose any intervention, we know how to listen to our clients."

Tikkanen Architecture

“With technique and sensitivity, I always have creative focus on everything and I find unique solutions for our clients’ architectural projects.”

Taina Tikkanen

“Integrating our ideas into the landscape.
Shaping nature.
Interacting on the horizon.
Moreover, there are people who still think architecture is not poetry!”

Tikkanen Architecture


  • Marcos Budette (Feng Shui and Dowsing)
  • Francisco das Chagas Alves Freitas (construtor)
  • Brasmar Furnishing
  • Fahrer Design
  • Fernando Jaeger Design
  • Carol Coelho (photography)
  • Irit Tommasini (photography)

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